Permian 40th Reunion
July 25, 26, & 27, 2014
Classmate Comments
Ronny Cornett   July 18, 2013
I tried to sign the guest book on the web site but apparently I am still computer stupid and I couldn't get it to
work. Anyway I am seriously thinking of coming to the 40th. If I can make it I am looking forward to seeing
and hopefully remembering you guys.
John Bennett  July 14, 2014
I just want to take a minute of your time and let ya'll know that I will not be able to attend our 40th reunion
due to not being able to get off of work. I picked the wrong time to change jobs. Thanks to all that have put
forth a lot of time, money, and effort into putting this joint reunion together. I will not ever forget the part that
each of you played in making my childhood in Odessa a very happy experience for me. I will always
remember the many long hot summer days spent at the public pool at Sherwood park and the many
missions we flew (in our minds) in the B-29 that was located in the Sherwood park. The much cooler
evenings spent at the little league, pony league and American legion parks. I loved the long packs of taffy
you could get at the concession stand and filling my mouth full of bubble gum. lol The annual "kids Day" at
W.T. Barrett stadium was always a favorite of mine also. Meeting up with old friends there and making
new ones was always a highlight of the year to me. I had many great teachers and although I didn't realize
it at the time we were a part of one of the best school districts in Texas if not in the entire nation. Last but
not least I won't ever forget the cool (sometimes cold) fall evenings spent under the Friday Night Lights of
W.T. Barrett Stadium. I give special thanks to the members of the football team, band, cheerleaders, and
pepettes (sp) for making those very special memories to me. I will never forget the 1973(our senior year)
OHS/PHS football game. That goes down as one of the greatest football games of all times. Both sides
played their hearts out and left it
all on the field that night.
I will miss being able to see some of you again but ya'll will be in my mind, heart, and prayers.
Ya'll have a blast! Long live "MOJO"
Drew McManigle  2014
Dear friends from my Bowie/OHS & Permian days:
Business  constraints and distance keep Sharon and I from attending our reunion. But, I hope my old
friends and acquaintances know, that I often recall with warm memories the days of our youth.  Each of you
are carried in my mind and heart, from the practice field to the band hall to the choir room to the DQ
parking lot and beyond, with warmth and appreciation for your friendship of bygone days. Have a ball and I
can say unabashedly, I love you all.
Thanks to the entire reunion team for all your hard  work and dedication. You guys ROCK!!!
Jeanne Minnix - July 21, 2014
I have only just dug through some files and found the invitation to attend the reunion this upcoming weekend.
Unfortunately I will be unable to attend and at this late stage, I JUST missed the deadline of this current weekend.
I live in Virginia and it would be a feat to get it together to attend anyway.
So, the purpose of my email? I don’t know how this would be communicated, but…I was involved with a production
of the play called Bye Bye Birdie in 1973 at Permian HS. I played Ursula Merkle. Who knows if any of the cast is still
around for the reunion, but if there is…please pass it along that Im doing fine and very well in Richmond, VA. I am
on facebook and would be delighted for anyone who knew me then to “friend” me. I dont really expect you to make
it a priority to pass any of this information along, and how you would do it anyway, i have no idea, but I know there
are sometimes online groups… testimonials, its a long shot I know. Thanks so much and please let me know if
there is a site for the event that I could visit on line. Does the reunion have a Facebook page??
Thank you!
Jeanne Minnix
804-594-0842 L
804-405-6433 C