Sorry, I'm going to miss it again, but I
can't get away from here, as you can
see it's pretty bad in Guantanamo
Have fun, hope to make the next one
Roger Jeffries
FPO/AE                              6/29/04
Photo is of me and my
greatest gift - my son Kyle
My Dear friends class of
74. It is with sincere
regrets I cannot attend our
reunion. Michele I know
you have poured many
hours of work and time
into this. Please continue
to keep in touch with
everyone. I often think of
my friends in the class of
Steve Tuttle
Safety Specialist
New Orleans,
Louisiana          7/13/04
Looks like my chances
at attending got shut
down.  An annual
meeting of the Texas
Sheet & Goat Raisers
Assoc. is going to be this
weekend and have
scheduled me to give
presentations on the
meat goat industry and
U.S. Goat Council as
well as membership
committee report..  I had
planned since the initial
notification to attend the
reunion but stuff
happens.  I hope ya'll
have a great time and I'll
miss being there.
Marvin F. Shurley
Pres. American Meat
Goat Assoc.               
Dearest Friends & Classmates
Regretfully, I will not be able to
attend the reunion this year.  As
some of you are aware my mother is
terminally ill on hospice and is
currently living at home with me as I
am her primary caregiver.  As much
as I would like to see everyone I
would never be able to forgive
myself if something happened while
I was away for the reunion.
I wish everyone much fun and
wonderful memories.  You will all
be in my heart and in my prayers
Glenda Falkner