2009 Pictures and notes from Classmates
John Kelder & Pamela Splettstoesser
Pamela's Husband)
Hello From the Netherlands.  Post more
photo's for those of us that can only enjoy the
festivities from afar.  My husband has never
been to Texas until he met me.  He thought all
Texans' wore 10 gallon hats and had oil wells
in the back yard!! So please show him what
REAL Texans are.  If anyone ever takes a trip
to Europe, be sure and drop us a line we will
be glad to show you around the Netherlands
From Cindy Johns Gorman
Hey, moved mom to Dallas about 2 1/2 years ago to
be near me. She is failing mentally and physically
every day.  She lives only 7 minutes from me in a
group home. It's wonderful.

Not teaching anymore PT. I'm working PT two days
a week at my aesthetician's office. I love it and
she's a friend. Between that and mom, I'm going
non stop like everybody else.  Thank goodness my
husband is a saint and picks up so much slack in
the house and out of the house. Don't know what I'd
do without him. I thought life at 53 1/2 was
supposed to get easier. HA.
I know everyone else has the same crazy schedule.
Being retired is the best of the best. My husband
loves it - for the 11 years. I need something to
always do. We just had our 26th anniversary.

I keep in touch with so many of my old buddies,
Margie, Kay, Lessa, Jackie Pounds, Dana, Liz,
Luellen, and Mary. My friends are my family!  In fact
Kay and I went to see Fleetwood Macde last night.
They were as awesome as they were 31 years ago
when I saw them in college. Frozen in time!!!!
Ahh, for those days to return.

Don't know if I'm coming to the reunion or not in

Hello to everyone.
Love, Cindy Johns
From Drew McManigle
Time flies-It's hard to believe it's been a short 35 years since we
roamed the halls of PHS together and more than quarter century
since I attended our class' first reunion at the Hilton. While Sharon
and I can't be with you at the reunion this year, I want to wish all
my old friends and classmates our very best.  Sharon is an
executive coach here in Maryland; our son Vince is in his 3rd year
at the Univ. of Colo and is studying economics; and, our daughter
Tanya, is attending the Univ. of Charleston this Fall.  I hope to
hear from you on my Facebook page. And, I'm really looking
forward to seeing all the reunion photos.  
Have fun...Go Mojo!

Well, been hoping things would work out so I could attend the
reunion this weekend, but it just ain’t so. Work demands that I be
here. Was really hoping I would be there to meet up with many of
you this time. I never have been good at staying in touch so too
often this is the only opportunity I get to touch base again with
you. Will plan on being at the next reunion though.

Jim Prince