08.02.1956 - 03.04.2019
SMITH CENTER – Carolyn Gail Gardner age 62 passed
away Monday March 4, 2019 at her home in Smith
Center, KS.

She was born the daughter of JW Alford and Geraldine
Jumpin Jerry McCarty in Odessa, TX on August 2, 1956.
Abner Burnett
March 9
Gail was one of the group of adventurers that were
the "hippies" in Odessa in the '60's. She was a
cultural firebrand. That group, of which I was one,
carried in their hearts many of the finer ideas that
have come to be accepted generally in Odessa and
around the world, but were considered dangerous
heresy in those days. Bless her and may her spirit
continue its uplifting ways.