35th Reunion August 2009 Page 4 - Saturday Afternoon
Saturday Afternoon - Lunch at the Chuck Wagon Gang Barn
Thank You Steve for allowing us to meet there and have lunch
Rusty Pounds, Steve Hurt, & Russ Kunz
Steve King & wife Brenda
Rusty Pounds, Ray Nunez, Biff Furst
& Mary George Henderson
Mary George Henderson & Sandy White Leahey
Jay & Judy Pease, Nick Nicholas
Jeanne Moss Walthall
Danny Daniels, Jimmie Truesdale Daniels,
Steve King & Brenda King
Sheila Landers Michel & Penny Grissom Bonnot
Jerry Mallow & Cindy Hamilton
                                                         Photo by Cindy Hamilton
Jeff Wright, wife Randi Wright and grandson.
                                                        Photo by Cindy Hamilton
Dean & Tina Carpenter Leeper & Kendall &
Betty McCulloch Manning
                                                              Photo by Cindy Hamilton
Our future
"Chuck Wagon Gang Boss"
Jeff Wright's Grandson
                                                                       Photo by Jeff Wright
Jimmie Truesdale Daniels &
Penny Grissom
                                                      Photo by Sheila Landers Michel
                                      Photo by Sheila Landers Michel