35th Reunion August 2009 Page 8 - Saturday Night
Thank You
Cindy Lou Hill Allen, Cindy Hamilton, Ellen Moltz,
Tina Carpenter Leeper, Sheila Landers MIchel, Jeff Wright and Steve Tuttle
for all the pictures.
for helping us with registration
Classmates, thank you for taking the time and time a way from your family to come
and join us for a weekend of fun, meeting up with old and making new friends.
For those who made the 30th and not the 35th, we missed you. Those who have not
attended in the past 10 years or never attended, we hope to see you in 2014.
You did not have to graduate with us to attend.  If you went to Bonham, Nimitz, Hood,
or Permian and moved before graduation and would like to attend, please do.  
Send your info to

Our 40th is five years away and a big step for all of us.
Please make plans to attend -- we promise you a good time.
Many who have never attended are some what apprehensive about attending but we
promise only the first few minutes will be questionable but after that you will a great
time.  You will be welcomed with open arms no matter who you are.  We had several at
the 35th who had never attended and they are all screaming about what
Just ask them.

Please keep us updated on email and address changes.